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On the beach at Coney Island, a metal palm tree stood face to the Atlantic Ocean Passengers arrived at the Staten Island ferry terminal in Manhattan as sunshine streamed through the modernised terminal In Gray's Papaya on 8th Avenue a President Obama special took pride of place amongst special offers for hot dogs An assistant at Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue adjusted the clothes on a wolf playing pool in the window display of the store The side of a building on 33rd Street and 8th Avenue Street was covered by the advertisement for a gaming programme represented by a monster On the beach at Brighton Beach a man exercised with nanchuks in the winter sunshine Alex Lee Moyer, waitress and actress (white hat) and Maya Denton, hat check girl and writer, on Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Alphonso Stewart and Khrist Newman, "The Positive Brothers", acrobats and street artists, in Battery Park where they regularly perform At the Staten Island ferry terminal in Manhattan part of a sign stood in the shadow of the exit of passengers arriving in Manhattan In MOMA a video by the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist was being installed in the Marron Atrium on the second floor as visitors to the upper floors went up and down the stairs between galleries Customers at John's Deli in Bensonhurst, one of Brooklyn's most famous places for hero sandwiches, munched down as 'The Godfather' played on deli's televisions at lunchtime Downtown Manhattan viewed through and from the Brooklyn Bridge Kyle Egan, a student from Fordham University College of Business Administration, with fellow students on Wall Street outside the New York Stock Exchange A woman walked her dog over a carpet of fallen leaves in Central Park A statue, "We shall beat swords into plowshares" by Evgeny Vuchetich, a gift from the Soviet Union in 1959, stood in the United Nations garden behind a wall where work is being done for a new building at the United Nations site.  The Upper East side stood in the background On Eight Avenue steam billowed from a street tube
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